Exterior Blinds & Awnings
Alice Springs

Alice Springs is hot and with that heat and sun you need outdoor blinds
we have a range of products that fit on to your window or in front of your
window, we have products that make your entertainment area so much more better.

Get in contact with us to discuss what you might need.

Ricky Richards is the industry leader in innovative textiles, notably exterior window coverings. Their range of premium-quality fabrics for external blinds, awnings and shading systems have been designed with Australian conditions in mind and are guarenteed to stand the test of time.

The Ricky range we offer : Outlook Mode , Outlook Mode Privacy, Outlook Mode Textures/Designs and Outlook Mode Zero.

Pool Awning — Shades and Awnings in Alice Springs, NT

Exterior blinds & awnings for any outdoor living area

There are numerous benefits to having outdoor blinds and awnings outside your home or business as well as inside, both for aesthetic reasons and for a variety of more practical purposes.


Shaedz has a wide range of outdoor window coverings, blinds and more from which to choose at our vast Alice Springs showroom. You are sure to find something that truly enhances your space.


Stop by for a visit to see our popular outdoor blinds, awnings of various sizes and shades. Whether you are looking to create a relaxing sitting area on the patio or you would like to reduce your cooling bills, we have a product that can help.

Why have exterior blinds
or window coverings?

There are numerous reasons you might choose to have outdoor blinds, awnings, and other window treatments. They can be used to block the sun’s rays and to keep rain and dust off your windows.


This not only keeps the windows in good condition longer, it also helps prevent the sun’s heat from entering, ensuring your building stays cooler during the hot summer months.


Awnings can be used for this same purpose, with larger models able to be used to cover entire patios and pergolas to provide a shaded and relaxing sitting area outdoors. That way you can beat the heat even during the hottest months.

Awnings — Shades and Awnings in Alice Springs, NT
Awning — Shades and Awnings in Alice Springs, NT

Here at Shaedz we provide customised service to ensure that every customer has a positive experience.

We will help you choose the right outdoor blinds, awnings and interior curtains to meet your needs.


We’ll show you the full assortment of the latest styles and colours, as well as innovative materials that will provide greater durability and protection against the elements.


Once you know what you want one of our trained installers will come and handle all the installation.