A Little Bit About Shaedz Blinds & Awnings.

Based in Alice Springs, Shaedz was previously named Alice Vertical Blinds, Ray and Jill took over the business and renamed it Shaedz of Alice where they have built up the reputation in Alice Springs.
They have since moved down to Adelaide and have Shaedz of Adelaide, Ray travels around southern Adelaide selling the blinds you all know and love.

Shaedz Blinds & Awnings is the big umbrella Alice Spring and Adelaide falls under.

Ray and Jill Still proudly own Shaedz of Alice and regularly frequent the town.

Store Awning — Shades and Awnings in Alice Springs, NT
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Shaedz of Alice was founded
by Ray and Jill Dienelt with
two very simple principles in mind

1. “to provide our customers with the most up to date range of quality window furnishings available.”

2. “to take the time to make sure the customer is well enough informed to make the right choice.”

Visit our Alice Springs
showroom today
window coverings and more.

Our Alice Springs showroom is up to date and well stocked with today’s hottest styles in window coverings for both indoor and outdoor use.

We sell a wide range of items that are perfectly suited for both homes and businesses where it’s important to stay up to date on interior designs.

Showroom — Shades and Awnings in Alice Springs, NT
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Alice Springs Showroom
Window Blinds — Shades and Awnings in Alice Springs, NT
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You won’t find sellers of blinds and curtains more committed to offering such personalised service

Whether you are looking for an immediate showpiece that will make your windows the focal point of any room, you are on the search for purely functional window coverings to block out light and heat, or to add privacy, we have you covered.

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We want each and every customer to get exactly what they want and we will go the extra mile to ensure that's exactly what happens.

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Our Team

Our most important asset is our staff who will provide you with the best service you can find. 


Ray and Jill Dienelt have proudly built up Shaedz of Alice over the years, with a huge reputation in Alice Springs.


Paul Harding is our Sales Manager, nearly 10 years with Shaedz , he offers a wide range of knowledge with the products we sell.


Toni Tohi is our main installer/repairer, he started way back when we were Alice Vertical Blinds and he hasn’t left since, with 25 years in the industry there is nothing he cant fix.


Brendan Lovett the newest member of the family brings his Retail Customer Service Skills to consult with Clients.

Ray & Jill Dienelt — Shades and Awnings in Alice Springs, NT

Ray & Jill Dienelt




Paul Harding — Shades and Awnings in Alice Springs, NT

Paul Harding

Sales Manager
(08) 8952 3398


Toni Tohi — Shades and Awnings in Alice Springs, NT

Toni Tohi

(08) 8952 3398


Brendan Lovett — Shades and Awnings in Alice Springs, NT

Brendan Lovett

 Sales Rep & Installer
(08) 8952 3398


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